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Stabilizing Virus with Albumin to Improve Yield


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  • Workflow Summary
  • Materials Needed
  • Protocol
  • Results and Discussion

Virus production is an important application of cell culture systems, both for vaccine manufacturing as well as for gene therapy. During the cell culture process, the infectious particles produced are subjected to several physical stresses inherent to the cell culture system that may cause inactivation and reduce the overall productivity of the culture. Specific culture parameters can be modified in order to prevent virus inactivation. The addition of albumin has also been shown to enhance virus yields in vitro. However, the use of serum-derived proteins can drive heterogeneity of culture performance, increase the risk of introducing adventitious agents into the production system, and potentially jeopardize the availability of vaccines due to variable supply. For this reason, development of recombinant albumin that can provide consistent stabilization is desirable. In this application note, a general protocol is described for the addition of recombinant albumin, in the form of the product Cellastim S, to virus production systems to stabilize infectious particles and thereby maximize viral yield.

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