Optiferrin & Cellastim S Equal to Human Serum Albumin in MSC Expansion

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The use of serum-derived components in the expansion of mesenchymal stem cells has always presented issues with variable performance, the presence of questionable stabilizing reagents, and the potential adventitious agent contamination. InVitria's blood-free Cellastim S and Optiferrin solve these problems, ensuring the highest degree of chemical definition while still providing equal performance to native human serum albumin in the expansion of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. 

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  • Decreased variability in cell culture media.
  • New standards of performance in stem cell-based theropeutics
  • Improved quality of proteins sourced for the expansion of therapeutic cell types 
  • Reduced cost in time and resources for manufacturing.

Want to see the data for yourself? Download this free study performed by InVitria.