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Lysobac & LysoSure Brochures, Product Specifications, Safety Guidelines and More!

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InVitria's recombinant lysozyme products harness the power of completely animal-free lysozyme to deliver higher performance, lower cost, and eliminate allergenicity concerns. Applications including cheese, wine, or related fermented food production as well as those that demand an effective microbial cell lysis agent are ideal for Lysobac and Lysosure. InVitria's recombinant lysozyme features increased consistency from lot-to-lot and increased protein production due to gentle lysis, and it is completely animal-free.

With this product information bundle in hand you will have all the data you need to determine if our recombinant lysozyme is right for your application.

In this product information bundle you will get: 


  • Lysobac Product Brochure
  • Lysobac Guidelines for Use
  • Lysobac Product Specifications
  • Lysobac Safety Data Sheet
  • [Article] Lysis of E. coli for protein recovery using chicken and human lysozyme


  • LysoSure Product Specifications
  • LysoSure Safety Data Sheet
  • LysoSure Product Statement