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Using Recombinant Transferrin in the Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells 

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  • Workflow Summary
  • Materials Needed
  • Protocol
  • Results and Discussion

A growing number of clinical cases have provided strong proof of concept that hematopoietic stem-cell (HSC) therapies are potential treatments of blood cancers and many other debilitating diseases that were once thought to be incurable. A critical tool to enable development of these therapies is expansion of HSCs in vitro. However, supplementation of HSC growth media with serum-derived media supplements such as those included in xeno-free media and other animal-derived components can introduce adventitious pathogenic agents, create variability when cell expansion processes are scaled up for manufacturing, and can also present the risk of a supply chain interruption for clinical product manufacturing.

Using strictly chemically defined media, supplemented with alternatives to serum or animal-derived components has repeatedly been identified as a viable strategy for reducing variation, improving consistency, and enabling scalability for cell therapies. As the trend toward use of chemically defined media formulations increases, an important consideration is the need to achieve effective intracellular iron delivery.

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