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Expansion of T Cells without Serum in Chemically Defined Media


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Blood-Free LogoInVitria's OptiPEAK Application Note Includes:

  • Workflow Summary
  • Materials Needed
  • Protocol
  • Results and Discussion

Human T Cell expansion has become an increasingly important tool in the development of both autologous and allogeneic immunotherapies, as T cells emerge as an exciting option to treat a wide range of diseases. Major components used to expand these cells include human and bovine serum, which have the potential to introduce harmful pathogens to the already compromised patient in a clinical setting, but they also have significant limitations in the ability to ensure robust and reproducible performance in cell culture systems. This application note explores the use of OptiPEAK T Lymphocyte media (product No. 777OPT069) to support the growth and expansion of human primary T cells without compromising growth, safety, or phenotype. 

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