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Expansion of VERO Cells Without Serum in Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media


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Blood-Free LogoInVitria's OptiVERO Application Note Includes:

  • Workflow Summary
  • Materials Needed
  • Protocol
  • Results and Discussion

In contrast to many therapeutic medicines, vaccines are specifically administered to healthy people to help prevent illness. Therefore, the need for reliable, safe and high-performing cell culture systems and media, free of contamination from adventitious pathogens like viruses and prions, is critical. Furthermore, cell-based biomanufacturing of vaccines is media-intensive and may require quantities of serum that would be impractical and cost-prohibitive to source. This application note explores the use of OptiVERO Serum Free Media (SFM) (product No.777OCM090) when expanding Vero cell lines to support virus production. 

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